CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan Says `Bhooke-Nange’ Slur Shows Congress’ Culture, Attitudes Toward the Poor

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Tuesday lashed out on the Congress over the jibe “Bhooke-Nange Ghar Ka”, and stated it exposes the opposition get together’s “culture” and its perspective to the poor. At an election rally on Sunday, Congress farmers’ cell chief Dinesh Gurjar had referred to as Chouhan “Bhooke-Nange Ghar Ka” (any individual from a really poor family) whereas evaluating him to “big industrialist” Kamal Nath.

Speaking to reporters, Chouhan stated the Congress as soon as questioned the credentials of a “chaiwala” or tea-seller (referring to a time period utilized by a Congress chief to mock Narendra Modi), however it led to a dialogue on the difficulty in your complete nation, and now they have been calling Chouhan `Bhooke- Nange Ghar Ka’. “Look I am not hurt by it, but it has hurt the poor and when the poor get hurt, then automatically I get hurt…They have started it, we will end it,” the chief minister added.

Earlier, addressing get together employees right here forward of November 3 Assembly by-elections, Chouhan stated Gurjar’s comment “reflects their attitude, their culture and expression of their inner thoughts about the poor”. “They are also mocking me for launching development works by saying that Shivraj always carries a coconut in his pocket and whenever he gets the opportunity, he takes it out and breaks it to launch some work.

“They haven’t got an issue with coconut, they’ve an issue with improvement. We have ensured improvement even throughout the coronavirus interval and by no means cried about scarcity of funds,” he said. “When we work for the event of the state, they are saying he at all times carries a coconut with him. What else ought to I carry? Coconut is part of our tradition,” Chouhan added.

Chouhan alongwith state BJP president Vinshu Dutt Sharma also flagged-off high-tech `raths’ (chariots or vans) for the campaign. Asked by reporters about senior BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia’s photo missing from the posters on the chariots, Chouhan said Scindia is a “respectable chief of the get together”.

“He is an inseparable member of the BJP staff and we’re formulating methods and dealing collectively,” the chief minister said. On the Congress questioning Scindia’s properties, Chouhan said, “When Madhavrao Scindia (Jyotiraditya’s father) was in Congress they took benefit of his recognition. Then they didn’t level fingers.

“He (Jyotiraditya) was a good person as long as he was with you. But when he ensured the fall of your government because of your bad deeds, then he became the worst person for you all,” Chouhan stated. Jyotiraditya Scindia’s exit from the Congress alongwith a number of MLAs led to the autumn of the Congress authorities within the state in March.

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