Watch: Girl Proclaims Engagement Via Hanging Ring On Canine. It Does not Finish Neatly

Watch: Woman Announces Engagement By Putting Ring On Dog. It Doesn't End Well

A diamond ring on a canine? No longer a good suggestion.

A lady who were given her canine to pose along with her engagement ring ended up regretting it nearly straight away. Pictures that has long gone viral on Reddit presentations a lady hanging a diamond ring on her canine’s nostril, pondering it might make for a lovely engagement announcement. It might have too, however for a slight mishap – the canine gobbling up the hoop. 

Within the viral video, the girl will also be noticed gently striking the hoop on her golden retriever’s nostril and asking him to “stay”. The canine obeys to begin with, sweetly having a look up with the piece of jewelry balanced on his nostril. Seconds later, the pooch flips his nostril and crunches down at the pricey ring – prompting an exclamation of concern from the girl filming the video.

The unlucky however humorous video used to be shared on Reddit with the caption, “What could go wrong if I show off my new engagement ring?” The consumer who shared it mentioned within the feedback segment that the video used to be despatched to them via a chum. 

Watch the incident spread under:

WCGW if I attempt to blow their own horns my new engagement ring? from r/Whatcouldgowrong

The video has long gone viral on Reddit, amassing just about 32,000 ‘upvotes’ in an afternoon. Whilst many have been amused, others slammed the puppy proprietor for being “irresponsible” and “stupid”.

“Don’t you train dogs to do that?” requested one Reddit consumer. “Place biscuit on nose…wait…wait, GO, dog eats biscuit.” 

“This lady deserved that. You don’t put inedible objects on a dog’s snout like it’s a treat,” mentioned any other.

“That really was a diamond in the rruuuuuuuuffff,” 

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