New Delhi: Delhi police made a failed offer two days ago on Tuesday to force the shutdown of Trolley Times, an independent bi-weekly newspaper of farmers protesting on the Delhi border, by grabbing its producer and left-wing activist Navkiran Natt.

Her special cell staff, however, left empty-handed as she was not at the residence of Delhi CPI (ML-Liberation) Secretary of State Ravi Rai in East Delhi, they wanted to do a raid since she was away from the India International Center for a memorial conference. on “women reporters in difficult times”. Navkiran is part of the collective of young people who are helping farmers put out their own newspaper to circulate their information after finding the coverage biased by most of the dailies.

Ravi Rai refused to open his door for the three cops to search his house for the activist and refused to answer their questions unless they showed a legal notice or warrant and told them better. come to his office. In a detailed email, Rai said there were no women on the police team to question or arrest Navkiran and that too after 6 p.m.

He said the police team left after numerous arguments because he refused to give in as it was a clear attempt to terrorize activists associated with the peasant movement. He recalled how Delhi police took activist Disha Ravi from her home in Bangalore and then brought her to Delhi without permission from any court in Bengaluru.

Farmers, mostly from Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh with a pinch of them from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, continued their protest at Delhi’s borders for the Day 92 Thursday, insisting on continuing their agitation until the government rolls back three farm laws passed last September.

So far they have staged the border protest except on Republic Day when they staged a tractor parade on the outer ring road with police permission and some broke the deal to run in. the capital and create violence at Red Fort. However, they plan to enter the capital on any day and try to surround Parliament, perhaps when Parliament is in session from March 8, and start sowing the lawns of the Rajpath for Culture.