While a final decision will be taken in a month, it is understood that even the Indian Cricket Board is reluctant to hold the 16-team tournament in October-November.

This year’s World T20 World is set to be moved from India to the UAE with the BCCI acknowledging that none of the participating teams will be “comfortable”, as the COVID-19 cases The “third wave” of competition is expected.

While the final decision will be taken in a month’s time, it is understood that even the Indian cricket board is irritable about holding the 16-team tournament in October-November, as the current IPL was suspended because Bio-bubbles were inside many COVID-19 cases.

The PTI has come to know that BCCI officials have recently held discussions with some of the top decision makers in the central government and more or less agreed a change for the UAE. The dates of the marquee competition held at nine venues have not yet been finalized.

A senior BCCI source said, “The suspension of IPL within four weeks is an indicator that it is not really safe to host a global event at a time when the country is struggling with the worst health crisis in the last 70 years . ” On conditions of anonymity.

“A third wave is likely to hit Indian shores in November. So as long as the BCCI continues to host, the tournament will probably move to the UAE,” he said.

Health experts have warned of a third wave in India in September, a view shared by Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope.

The dire situation in India, where the daily increase of more than 3 lakh new cases has been continuing for the last 3 days, has shaken most member boards and the ICC is unlikely to take risks with the safety of international cricket teams.

“You can be sure that most of the top nations will not want to visit India within the next six months, unless the situation returns to normal. Players and their families have to be very careful to travel if they get another surge. are among. .

“So it is expected that the BCCI will agree to UAE with the change of tournament,” another source also betrayed.

“The IPL in India was a platform to prove to the world as well as the participating nations that it is safe to host a tournament even when the second wave is reaching its peak.

He said, “It was going well but the bio bubble has become porous now. What is the guarantee that it won’t happen again in October-November. Travel advice in countries like Australia, England and New Zealand is almost certain.”

One of the biggest reasons for organizing the tournament in the UAE is that it can be placed in three bases – Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and there is no air travel.

“It was always a dangerous proposition for IPL to see six places when they were successful with three during the last edition,” the source said.

“In the United Arab Emirates, all were in a bubble from start to end, while each team here was traveling three bubbles. Most positive cases came up after the bubble trip.

“Therefore, even if you reduce the number of places from 9 to 5 in October, there will be air travel unlike the UAE. For the players, they will not be mentally in one place to play in India unless The situation does not improve drastically, ”he added.

There is a meeting of the ICC in June, in which the final decision will be taken, but the continuation of the tournament in India after the cancellation of the IPL is far from over at this point.