Audi e-tron electric vehicles are all set for an India debut today (Thursday) and will add to the options of battery-powered electric vehicles for customers here. And while there is always a degree of competition and rivalry between car makers, the EV space is a bit different with all players that more the number of EV models, the better for all. As such, after welcoming the India debut of Jaguar I-Pace earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz India has gone on to extend a hand to the Audi e-tron models as well while underlining that the EVs can make use of its charging infrastructure.

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While clearly a way of showing its own EV-charging infrastructure in India, Mercedes’ welcome again augers well for the EV movement in India. With Audi also working on improving charging infrastructure and being open to the idea of ​​allowing all EVs – irrespective of brands – here, customers’ range-related anxieties could well be addressed in current times and the times to come.

The EV push in the passenger vehicle segment is currently being powered by luxury car makers even if the number of options are limited and only for a niche customer base. Mercedes-Benz moved in first with the launch of the EQC late 2020, followed by the I-Pace in March. Audi is now driving in the e-tron models and promising to have the widest range in the EV space. e-tron EVs will be offered in three variants and two body styles.

Launching an electric vehicle, however, is only one part of a bigger task. EV makers are aware of the need to provide robust post-sales service as well as work towards having a constantly-improving charging infrastructure. This second bit will require a high degree of collaboration in the form of allowing rival products to make use of charging points. And this is true not just for the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover and Audi but others like Tata, Mahi and MG Motor too who have electric cars in their respective lineups.