The era of artificial intelligence has opened up huge opportunities for the electronics and semiconductor industry. “We see a plethora of opportunities to build and recreate businesses, opportunities to transform the way technology can solve real problems for businesses, governments, communities and societies,” said Dado Banatao, Managing Partner by Tallwood Venture Capital.

Speaking to the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) virtual summit on artificial intelligence on Wednesday, he said it would enable economic growth through technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship.

IESA has more than 400 companies in the electronics and semiconductor ecosystem among its members.

Telangana’s IT secretary Jayesh Ranjan said the state had created an artificial intelligence framework that enabled researchers, innovators and businesses to use government data for their AI solutions.

“You need huge amounts of data to train machines and develop solutions. We have opened 150 government datasets so that researchers can access the data. In addition, the state government uses AI tools. On the one hand, we have used it to better manage Covid, ”he said.

Dinakar Munagala, CEO of AI technology solutions company Blaize, said it’s important to make AI accessible to individual users. It needs to be affordable so that people can use it to customize apps based on their usage.