Transport organizations and transport workers trade unions to have emergencyed the central government to save the very troubled transport sector, which suffers a deep financial crisis as various states have imposed curfews amid the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apex trading body, All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) believes transport operations have now decreases at about 70% and the freight saw a reduction of one third of activities compared to previous ones.

He was reported that “truck rentals on major roads fell 18-27% in April compared to March, according to data from the Indian Transportation Research and Training Foundation (IFTRT).

After the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020, the road transport sector suffered a acute crisis until September of last year, itsusername Naveen Kumar Gupta, Secretary General of AIMTC.

Vehicle movement picked up in October last year and hit a recovery of around 70% in early March this year, but the industry was hit hard again after restrictions and reductions were imposed. curfews in various states, ”he said.

The current scenario in the country has adversely affected the livelihoods of smallholders in both vsargo segment and passengerss; owners are crippled financially, as there is no source of income but they are forced to cover establishment costs, payment of salaries, NDEs, maintenance, fitness, permit fees, taxes, insurance, parking fees and corruption, even if vehicles continue standing, ”AIMTC mentionned in a press release.

Transport vehicles currently provide essential and medical supplies elements while the noessential items and e-commerce supply chains to have almost summer arrested in the country.

The trade body called on the government to establish a moratorium on IMEs and to guarantee the availability of concessional loans without collateral or credit facilities to carriers by banks and other financial institutions.

AIMTC urged government to issue strict guidelines to facilitate problems and without corruption, and smooth movement of goods transport vehicles facilitated by by field enforcement officers. He is also demanding Covid-19 insurance, social security and priority vaccination for all transport workers.

There is a reverse migration among the drivers who fear for their lives and the safety of their families and it is difficult to keep them motivated and to show up for work, ”Gupta said, adding that the rest of the work was done in a low-key way. context of harassment and extortion. persisting on roads and at border checkpoints by law enforcement officers, which Conductors nervous at work.

the AIMTC also requested the extension of the validity of all documents, permits, electronic invoices, licenses and insurance for the 2021-22 fiscal year.

There is acute distress in the transport sector and if emergency relief measures are not provided, the current scenario will be become more complicated. This will cause disruption of the supply chain of essential commodities, medicines and other projects and industrial intensive freight and the mobility of people, ”said Kultaran Singh Atwal, President of AIMTC.

On April 30, the All India Road Transport Workers Federation (AIRTWF) wrote to the union mInister Nitin Gadkari asking for free vaccination for all transport workers and financial assistance of Rs 7,500 per month for all non-union members sector transport workers in the country.