Last month, actor Geeta Basra and Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh announced they were expecting their second child.

Basra was recently seen in Mumbai visiting her clinic for a routine check-up. Paparazzi parked outside were seen photographing her as she exited her car.

Now, in a video shared on social media, the bedbugs can be seen asking Basra to remove his mask. Netizens criticized photographers for asking a pregnant woman to go against COVID-19 standards even as cases continue to rise in the city.

One user wrote: “Why. Don’t take off the masks of those stupid photographers. The cases are multiplying, but they are only interested in mask nikalke. “

“People who request the removal of the mask should be fined … she is pregnant and vulnerable to infection,” added another.

Another commented: “Don’t media people have the good sense to ask a pregnant woman to take off the mask. Be ashamed. Covidiots. “