The CM is expected to hold meetings with members of the crisis management group on Tuesday.

A day after the Patna High Court hit the state government for its failure to control the Covid-19 situation and asked it to enforce the lockdown in the state, otherwise the court would make the decision appropriate on the matter, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Tuesday that the lockdown would be imposed. in the state until May 15.

“After discussing yesterday with fellow ministers and officials, it was decided to impose the lockdown on Bihar until May 15, 2021. The crisis management group has been tasked with carrying out its detailed directives and other activities today himself, “Chief Minister Nitish Kumar tweeted on Tuesday.

Earlier on Monday, the Patna HC observed that the state government had failed to control the Covid-19 situation in the state and called on the government to “enforce the lockdown or the court will order it “.

Previously, the Indian Medical Association (IMA), the Bihar branch and heads of four government hospitals had also requested a 15-day lockdown in the state.

“It’s like a complete failure because the infection doesn’t seem to be released. The government seems caught in a state of indecision, ”observed Monday the bench of division of Patna HC made up of judge Chakradhari Sharan Singh and judge Mohit Kumar Shah.

The court also said the state needed a full state lockdown and asked state attorney general Lalit Kishore to speak to the chief minister. “Either the state government declares the lockdown or the court will have to make an appropriate order,” the court said in an oral submission while ordering Mr Kishore to inform the government’s decision on Tuesday.

The court sighting came after the director of the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) Patna, which has been marked as a covid-19 hospital by the government, said he only had 200 beds, including 60 intensive care units (ICU). beds and could not admit more patients due to an irregular and insufficient supply of oxygen and a lack of manpower.

The Patna HC division bench heard a bunch of PIDs on Covid-19 for nearly three weeks and made observations to the state government from time to time.

“We had asked the state government to prepare a comprehensive action plan for the management of covid-19 on April 15 and since then we have repeated at every hearing on the PILs of the pandemic but, to no avail.” the court observed while adding, “There is no plan of action with you. Whatever plan you have submitted falls short and no effective action has been taken since April 15th. Everything is an eye wash ”.

While further criticizing the state government, the court observed that “you (the state government) are disabled and only rely on the health department authorities who submit prank reports.” “There is not yet an expert advisory committee with the state government, even after it ordered that it be formed earlier,” the court observed.

The bench also took note of the black marketing of essential drugs and oxygen.

Previously, while expressing its displeasure with the state government’s lack of preparedness for the outbreak of Covid-19 across the state, the Patna HC had advertised its own email address for people to drop off their tickets. requests and their complaints.

On Monday, the Bihar branch of the Indian Medical Association and the heads of four government hospitals in Patna also urged the government to impose a 15-day lockdown in the state.

“The point of view of medical experts must be taken into account. The IMA, Bihar Chapter urges the government to impose a 15-day lockdown in the state to curb the rise of Covid-19, ”said Dr Ajay Kumar, IMA vice president, said on chapter of Bihar.

Previously, some opposition leaders had also demanded that the lockdown be imposed statewide “to break the chain of the covid-19 wave.”

However, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar along with senior state officials toured parts of Patna on Monday to take stock of covid-19 restrictions, followed by common people and administrative officials as well.

Mr Kumar is expected to hold meetings with members of the crisis management group on Tuesday to decide whether or not the lockdown will be imposed in the state.

However, sources within the government said The Hindu this state government could mull over a weekend or a full state lockdown at the meeting to contain the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the state.

Faced with an acute shortage of oxygen, beds, anti-viral drugs and manpower in hospitals, Bihar reported on Monday 1,07,667 active cases and 5,0,047 positive cases. Up to 2,821 deaths from Covid-19 have been reported in the state so far with a 78.29% recovery rate.