As part of its initiatives to partner with the government in the fight against COVID-19, Boeing India, a large aerospace giant, will create a 250 oxygen bed hospital in Kalaburagi.

Addressing a press conference at the Aiwan-e-Shahi guesthouse on Saturday, the Minister of Mines and Geology and Kalaburagi in charge, Murugesh Nirani, said the process of establishing the medical facility will begin. shortly.

“Besides Kalaburagi, Boeing India would also open another hospital with 200 oxygen beds in Yelahanka, Bengaluru,” Nirani said.

On the oxygen situation in the neighborhood, the minister said that the real problem was not production but transport.

“The district needs 30 kl of liquid medical oxygen per day. Oxygen production is not a big deal as there are many production plants across the state. However, transportation is the problem because we don’t have enough cryogenic tankers. We have ordered new tankers and they have already arrived in Ballari where oxygen is produced in large quantities. They are expected to transport liquid medical oxygen to Kalaburagi within a day or two, ”Nirani said.

Asked about the oxygen concentrators he promised a few days ago, Mr Nirani said 100 oxygen concentrators were urgently purchased and the same would have arrived in Kalaburagi on Monday.

“Two patients could receive oxygen from a concentrator. Up to 100 concentrators would reach Kalaburagi on Monday. The Union government will also supply 3,000 oxygen concentrators to the state. We will also be purchasing more concentrators in the coming days, ”he said.

Regarding the Remdesivir crisis, Mr Nirani said the Union government had authorized 20 companies to manufacture it and two of them were from Karnataka.

“Until now, only two companies have manufactured the injection. However, the Union government had given permission to 20 other companies and two of them are from Karnataka – Mudhol and Belagavi. They would begin production on May 17th. That would end the remdesivir problem in the state. No less than 200 vials of injections had reached Kalaburagi on Saturday and the government would increase supply according to demand, ”Nirani added.