CBO ministers Chhagan Bhujbal and Vijay Wadettiwar at Wednesday’s cabinet meeting expressed dissatisfaction with appointing a government legal adviser to advocate the CBO case at the hearing on the Maratha quotas case before the Supreme Court. Bhujbal and Wadettiwar reported to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray that despite his authorization a month ago, a lawyer has not been appointed.

Bhujbal and Wadettiwar have been quite vocal on the issue as they argued that legal counsel will argue on behalf of the CBO that their 27 percent quota should not be touched to provide a quota for the Maratha community. “In the absence of a lawyer, if the Supreme Court, which will begin to hear from January 25 a daily hearing on the request of the state government to cancel the stay on the quota of Maratha, orders the government to provide a quota to the community of Maratha from the quota of 27%. the OBC, it will be an injustice to the OBC community, ” Bhujbal and Wadettiwar said at the cabinet meeting. Bhujbal and Wadettiwar said it was sad that despite CM’s permission, a special advocate to plead the OBC case had not been appointed. MP CM Ajit Pawar intervened and supported them. It was decided that the Chief Secretary would make a decision soon so that the legal advisor could make a petition on behalf of the OBC community to the Supreme Court.