The Union Department of Health and Family Welfare on Thursday released a new set of guidelines for COVID-19 positive patients who are in home quarantine. The guidelines come at a time when the country recorded a one-day increase of 3.79257 new COVID-19 infections, bringing the total to 1.83,76,524, as active cases crossed the 30 lakh mark.

Union Health Ministry data updated Thursday said the death toll had risen to 2.04,832 with a record 3,645 new deaths per day.

Releasing the guidelines, the ministry said patients should use three-layer medical masks at all times. A patient should isolate himself from other household members, stay in the identified room and away from other family members.

New directives from the Center

Patients should discard the mask after 8 hours of use or sooner if they become wet or visibly soiled.

He also clarified that in the event that a caregiver enters the room, the caregiver and patient can consider using the N 95 mask.

However, a mask should only be discarded after it has been disinfected with 1% sodium hypochlorite.

The patient should be kept in a well ventilated room with cross ventilation and windows should be kept open to allow fresh air to enter.

The patient should rest and drink plenty of fluids to maintain adequate hydration.

Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 40 seconds or clean with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Do not share personal items with other people in the house.

Ensure that frequently touched room surfaces (table tops, doorknobs, handles, etc.) are cleaned with a 1% hypochlorite solution.

Self-monitoring of blood oxygen saturation with a pulse oximeter is strongly recommended.

The patient will self-monitor their condition with daily temperature monitoring and promptly report if any deterioration in symptoms as shown below is noticed.