Due to the second wave of COVID-19 in the country, the situation continues to worsen. This time the infection is also observed in children. Amid all this, the government first released COVID-19 guidelines for children. Efforts are also made in these guidelines to reduce the pressure on hospitals.

People have only been called to the hospital if it is very urgent. In the new directive, the oxygen level (oxygen level) has been changed compared to home isolation. The N-95 mask is now mandatory. Let us know what the new guideline is.

In the new guideline issued by the central government, separate guidelines were issued for children in the protocol. There is no suggestion of treatment for asymptomatic children, however, they are asked to watch for possible symptoms. Two separate documents were issued by the Ministry of Health. One of them is the revision of the home isolation guidelines and the management protocol for the pediatric age group.

Guidelines issued for children

Children who have mild symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, cough with shortness of breath, gastrointestinal problems in some children. According to the guidelines, no testing was recommended for these children. These children can be treated by keeping them isolated at home.

According to guidelines, for the treatment of children with symptoms of COVID-19, paracetamol (10-15 mg / kg / dose) may be given to them after consultation with a doctor. It can be repeated every 4 to 6 hours.

It is advisable to gargle with lukewarm water if you are coughing.

To ensure that children do not have a shortage of water in the body, an ORS solution is recommended along with nutritious food.

Children with mild symptoms are advised not to give antibiotics.

If the oxygen saturation level is above 90%, it is included in the Moderate category. Pneumonia can occur in children with mild symptoms.

However, routine lab tests are not recommended for these children unless they are showing severe symptoms.

Children with moderate symptoms would be admitted to the Kovid dedicated health center or secondary level health care facility.

Paracetamol (10-15 mg / kg / dose) for fever can be given to children with moderate COVID-19, amoxicillin for bacterial infection.

Oxygen supplementation may be necessary if oxygen saturation is less than 94%.

The oxygen level was reduced from 95 to 94 for home isolation.

An N-95 mask will be mandatory for the caregiver of the corona patient.

Cancer and transplant patients will be able to live in isolation at home.

The caretaker of the corona patient will need to make a four hour monitoring chart.

This includes temperature, heart rate (from the pulse oximeter), SpO2 percentages, feeling (like before, better, worse).