New Delhi

As India faces a surge in Covid, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday urged the Center to develop a national policy to deal with the pandemic after reaching a political consensus on the matter. In a video message, she said it is time for central and state governments to wake up and take action. Gandhi said Covid-19 injections should be provided free to all citizens and asked for a compulsory license to speed up vaccine production to speed up the country’s vaccination campaign to help save Indians.

“I urge the central government to develop a national policy to deal with the Covid crisis in the country and a strategy to achieve political consensus on it,” said the president of Congress.

She added that the Center should “think of the poor first and provide them with Rs 6,000 each from everyone’s bank accounts to stop their migration until the pandemic is over.” Gandhi called for more testing and verifying the black market marketing of life-saving essential drugs in addition to providing oxygen, medicine and other equipment to hospitals on a war footing. Discrimination on the price of vaccines should end and the black market of life-saving drugs should be stopped and all industrial oxygen should be supplied to hospitals for medical purposes, she said.

The Congress leader said his party will support the Center in its fight against the pandemic and called on all Indians to unite in these difficult times.

She prayed for the good health of all Indians during these difficult times of the pandemic and offered her sincere condolences to the lakhs of families who have lost their loved ones. “Our country is facing the pandemic and lakhs of our citizens have been affected by the coronavirus every day. This crisis is the time of trial for all of us and we must hold hands, support each other and be their strength. The present times have turned humanity upside down, with many states facing a shortage of beds, oxygen and life-saving medicines, ”she said.