Tamil Nadu reports 236 deaths; 1,44,547 patients are on treatment.

COVID-19 infections rose in Tamil Nadu on Sunday, with 28,897 people testing positive, bringing the number of cases to 13,80,259. Among those who tested positive were 14 passengers from Andhra Pradesh; nine from West Bengal; three from Bihar; and one each from Jharkhand and Karnataka.

In the past 24 hours, the state has recorded the deaths of 236 people – 47 without pre-existing pathologies and 189 people with comorbidities – bringing the toll to 15,648 people. No less than 23,515 people were released after the treatment. With this, 12,20,064 people were released. There are 1,44,547 people in the state receiving treatment either in hospital or at home.

In its daily bulletin, the Public Health Authority reported 7,130 new cases and the removal of 6,884 people to Chennai. The neighborhood also recorded 56 deaths. He has 32,863 active cases. To date, 390,589 people have been infected and 3,527,517 have been released. The district has so far recorded 5,209 deaths.

While 85 people admitted to private hospitals have been declared dead from the infection, public hospitals have reported 151 deaths.

An 18-year-old from Thoothukudi, admitted to Thoothukudi Medical College Hospital on April 29, tested positive on May 5. He died on May 7 from acute respiratory distress syndrome and COVID-19 pneumonia.

A 93-year-old diabetic man with Chengalpattu coronary artery disease tested positive on May 2. He was admitted the same day to a private hospital in Chennai with complaints of fever, cough, and difficulty breathing for 10 days. He died of COVID-19 pneumonia on May 6.

Of the 6,669 beds reserved for patients with COVID-19, 3,551 have been occupied and 3,118 are vacant, according to the bulletin.

Immunization update

A total of 25,448 people were vaccinated during the 2,361 sessions held on Sunday. While 1,232 healthcare workers were vaccinated, no less than 2,356 frontline workers, 12,190 people aged 45 to 59 with co-morbidities and 9,670 older people were among those vaccinated.