Ujjain: The district’s death toll reached 150 as it recorded 2 more deaths from the crown on Friday. The brand crossed the 13,000 mark as the city’s 235 out of 284 people who tested positive for corona. The total is 13,114.

On Thursday, the deaths of two more corona wreaked havoc at 148 in the district.

For condition reasons, the Thursday medical bulletin was released at around 12:35 pm Friday. According to the bulletin, a 75-year-old man from Ujjain town was admitted who tested positive for corona on April 28. died on April 29. processing April 29.

On Thursday, 332 people tested positive for the crown, bringing the district’s total to 12,830.

Out of 1,850 sample reports, 259 people from Ujjain town, 26 from Mahidpur, 23 from Barnagar, 14 from Tarana, 6 from Ghattia and 4 from Nagda of whom 133 women tested positive on the same day. All are symptomatic.

A total of 3,182 patients, including 1,656 symptomatic, are under treatment. So far, samples from 238978 people have been collected from the district and no report is expected. With 241 discharged that day, the total number of corona winners rose to 9,500.