India registered 1,99,376 new cases of COVID-19 on April 14. No less than 1,037 deaths were also recorded on the day the data was updated at 12:24 p.m. IST on April 15.

Coronavirus Updates | April 14, 2021

The figures do not include cases and deaths in Ladakh. The data comes from, an independent aggregator of daily COVID-19 numbers.

Over 14.11 lakh tests were performed on April 13. This is the third time in April that the number of daily tests has crossed the 14 lakh mark in India. A total of 26,068,866 samples have been tested in the country as of April 13 since the start of the pandemic.

The country has so far reported a total of 1,40,70,890 cases and 1,73,152 STI deaths as of 12:24 p.m. on April 15.

Maharashtra reported 58,952 infections (accounting for almost 33% of new cases) on April 14, followed by Uttar Pradesh with 20,439 new infections and Delhi with 17,282 new cases.

Maharashtra also recorded the highest number of casualties (278) on April 14. Delhi followed with 104 new deaths, while Gujarat recorded 73 new victims.

The country has so far reported a total of 1,40,70,800 cases and 1,731,105 deaths. Only the United States has a greater workload with 3,13,75,111 total infections.

However, in terms of total deaths, India ranks fourth after the United States (5.63,873), Brazil (3,58425) and Mexico (2,10,294).

11.43 crore of administered doses

A total of 11,43,18,455 doses of vaccine had been administered in India at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, according to the Union Health Ministry.

On April 14, day 89 of the vaccination campaign, 31,39,063 doses had been administered. Of the total beneficiaries, 27 19,964 were vaccinated for the first dose and 4,19,099 beneficiaries received the second dose.