Congress President Sonia Gandhi, in a video message on Saturday, called on the Center to evolve a national policy on COVID-19 through political consensus and said it was time for the Center and state governments to “ wake up ” to their responsibilities.

The party has also launched a medical helpline and link for patients recovered by COVID, including party workers, to register as plasma donors. As former party leader Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to invite doctors and medical professionals to provide COVID consultations and manage mental health issues through the helpline, the party has created a separate link allowing people recovered by COVID to register as plasma donors and a database.

The link to the plasma donation will be shared on all of the party’s social media platforms, Indian Youth Congress leader BV Srinivas, who has provided COVID relief to patients, told reporters during a briefing. virtual press conference.

“It is time for central and state governments to wake up and do their homework. I urge the central government to develop a national policy to deal with the COVID crisis in the country and a strategy to achieve political consensus on it, ”Ms. Gandhi said in her five-minute video message.

The congressman said that COVID vaccines should be provided free to all citizens, the government should invoke the compulsory license to increase vaccine production and cover the entire population in a short period of time. “First of all, think of the poor and provide them ₹ 6,000 each from everyone’s bank accounts to stop their migration, until the pandemic is over,” she said.

Ms Gandhi also called for more testing and verifying the black market of life-saving essential drugs in addition to providing oxygen, medicine and other equipment to hospitals on a war footing. She said her party will join the Center in the fight against the pandemic and called on all Indians to unite in these difficult times.

“Our country is facing the pandemic and lakhs of our citizens have been affected by the coronavirus every day. This crisis is the time of trial for all of us and we must hold hands, support each other and be their strength. The present times have turned humanity upside down, with many states facing a shortage of beds, oxygen and life-saving medicines, ”she said, urging everyone to stay at home except when necessary.

Ms Gandhi called on people to unite and help each other by reducing their differences, and expressed her gratitude to the doctors, nurses and all health workers who treat COVID patients at the risk of their lives.

Launching the medical helpline, Mr Gandhi tweeted: “India needs a whole and to help our people. We have launched “Hello Doctor” a medical assistance line. Please call +919983836838 for medical advice. Dear physicians and mental health professionals, we need your help. Please register at ”, he added.

Separately, former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram tweeted to demand the resignation of Health Minister Harsh Vardhan as many states, including those led by the BJP, could not roll out the vaccination program for all. over 18 years old.

“The deployment of vaccination among 18-44 year olds announced by the Union Minister of Health is a failure. All but 6 states refused to roll out the program citing insufficient vaccines. The Minister of Health who declared “that there is no shortage of vaccines” must admit his failure and resign. The shortage of vaccines and the failure of the deployment program are examples of the utter mismanagement of the fight against the coronavirus. If the Minister of Health is not held accountable, who will be? Asked Mr. Chidambaram.