Patna: Demanding oxygen for COVID-19 patients who are fighting for their lives in hospitals and protesting for its supply can put people behind bars in Bihar. This was evident in a government-run hospital in Bhagalpur, where two brothers in their early 20s were arrested and sent to jail after demanding oxygen for their critically ill grandparents and expressing their protest when it was not provided. admitted to hospital after their condition deteriorated.

Akshay Kapri and Chhotu Kapri were arrested Tuesday by police based on a written complaint from the director of Mayaganj Hospital in Bhagalpur for allegedly assaulting medical staff and vandalizing property.

The head of the Barari police station, Navneesh Kumar, said Click on Newsclick Wednesday that two brothers were arrested following a complaint from the director of the hospital. “After arresting them both, they were brought before a local court which sent them to jail,” he added.

Police officials felt that the gendarmerie had no role in the case as the arrest was made on the basis of a complaint from hospital authorities who accused them of vandalism and mismanagement of staff . “Police will investigate the case,” Kumar said.

Meanwhile, Akshay and Chhotu Kapri have refuted claims by hospital authorities that they attacked doctors and vandalized property. The two reportedly admitted that they were angry after oxygen was not provided to them despite repeated requests and had organized a protest to ensure its supply.

A close relative of the arrested Kapri brothers said the two young men, who had already lost three family members – including their father and uncle – in recent days, were terrified after their grandchildren’s oxygen levels dropped. parents. They first cried for oxygen and later protested when it was not provided. “The two were upset because three of their family members had succumbed to COVID-19. After their grandparents developed shortness of breath from the drop in their levels, they demanded oxygen; it was their crime.” , said the parent.

This is not an isolated case. Three close relatives of COVID-19 patients have been arrested by police in Vaishali and Muzaffarpur districts for vandalism and embezzlement of staff at a government hospital after the deaths of the patients.

Lack of oxygen, adequate beds and timely treatment are claiming the lives of many severely affected COVID-19 patients across Bihar. Despite repeated criticism from the Patna High Court over the past two weeks with oral submissions mentioning the state government’s inability to ensure the oxygen supply to hospitals and to organize beds and proper treatment, the things don’t seem to be going in the right direction on the floor.

The Patna HC observed on Monday that the state government had failed to control the COVID-19 situation in Bihar. He further said there was no plan of action with the government to deal with the pandemic and that health ministry officials were submitting far-fetched reports that are far from the truth on the ground.

The court again called on the state government on Tuesday for its inability to provide beds, intensive care units, oxygen and ventilators and asked the Centre’s additional solicitor general KN Singh to speak to the secretary to the Defense concerning the handing over of the entire state health infrastructure to the medical services of the armed forces. The CH noted that it was “ashamed” to have so far rested confidence in the government and “continually issued orders while people were dying”.

Mmost private hospitals have been would have refusal to admit COVID-19 patients citing lack of oxygen supply. Even if someone manages to get beds, their relatives are urged by the authorities to organize oxygen for them.

The price of onen The oxygen cylinder is said to be between Rs 50,000 and Rs 65,000 on the Patna black market, an observation also made by the Patna district court during a PIL hearing on Monday.

The state had 1,10430 active cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, with 14,794 new cases reported. A total of 105 people lost their lives to COVID-19 on Tuesday, 28 died on Monday and 151 on May 1.