Maharashtra opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis accused Maharastra police on Saturday of harassing a Daman-based Remdesivir supplier for agreeing to provide a stockpile of drugs to the state at the request of Bharatiya leaders Janata Party (BJP).

“Four days ago, we asked Bruck Pharma to deliver a stock of Remdesivir vials to Maharashtra. They said they couldn’t until the permissions were granted. I spoke with Union Minister Mansukh Mandviya and got clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). . Around 9 p.m. this evening, the police arrested him, ”Fadnavis told reporters.

Former Maharashtra chief minister added that Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) Manjunath Singe said they had inputs that some exporters had 60,000 vials and they only wanted to verify the same.

“We showed the police the letter of authorization. He (DCP) said it had not been communicated to them earlier,” added the head of the BJP.

He added that everything that had happened was wrong.

However, Singe refuted claims that the distributor was arrested and said he was summoned only for an investigation given the widespread black marketing of the antiviral drug.

“There is a shortage of Remdesvir in the state and black marketing is rampant. We had obtained information about this storage facility. Acting in good faith, we only wanted to verify the inputs. He (supplier) was called in to an investigation was not an arrest, ”Monkey told media.

As India reported its highest COVID-19 case spike on Saturday in a single day with more than 2.34 lakh new cases and more than 1,300 deaths on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a meeting to review current pandemic preparedness.

The Prime Minister has ordered officials that the use of Remdesivir and other drugs be in accordance with approved medical guidelines and that their abuse and black market marketing must be strictly reduced.