New Delhi: India’s daily coronavirus tally has passed the grim four lakh milestone, while the death toll rose to 2.11,853 with 3,523 new deaths, according to data updated on Saturday by the Union Ministry of Health .

The number of infections rose to 1,91,64,969 with 4.01,993 new cases, while active cases crossed the 32 lakh mark, data updated at 8 a.m.

With a steady increase, active cases stood at 32,68,710, representing 17.06% of total infections, while the national recovery rate from COVID-19 fell further to 81.84%.

The number of people who have recovered from the disease has risen to 1.56,84,406, while the case fatality rate is 1.11%, the data shows.

India’s COVID-19 tally crossed 20 lakh mark on August 7; 30 lakh on August 23; 40 lakh on September 5; and 50 lakh on September 16. It exceeded 60 lakh on September 28; 70 lakh on October 11; crossed 80 lakh on October 29; 90 lakh on November 20; and broke the one crore mark on December 19.

India hit the grim 1.50 crore milestone on April 19.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), 28,83,37,385 samples were tested through April 30, of which 19,45,299 were taken on Friday.

The 3,523 new deaths include 828 from Maharashtra, 375 from Delhi, 332 from Uttar Pradesh, 269 from Chhattisgarh, 217 from Karnataka, 173 from Gujarat, 155 from Rajasthan, 122 from Uttarakhand and 120 from Jharkhand, 113 each from Punjab and Tamil Nadu.

A total of 2 11,853 deaths have been reported to date in the country, including 68,813 from Maharashtra, 16,147 from Delhi, 15,523 from Karnataka, 14,046 from Tamil Nadu, 12,570 from Uttar Pradesh, 11,344 from Bengal West, 9,022 from Punjab and 8,581 from Chhattisgarh.

10 states account for 73.71% of new cases

Ten states, including Maharashtra, Delhi and Karnataka, accounted for 73.71% of new COVID-19 cases reported in one day, the Union Health Ministry said on Saturday.

Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar are also among the 10 states that reported 73.71% of new cases.

Maharashtra reported the highest number of new cases with 62,919, followed by 48,296 in Karnataka and 37,199 in Kerala.

According to ministry data, the number of active cases in India has reached 32.68,710, or 17.06% of total infections. A net increase of 98,482 was recorded in the active workload in one day.

Eleven states – Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Bihar – account for 78.22% of the total active cases, the ministry said.

“The national death rate has fallen and currently stands at 1.11 percent,” he said.

On Friday, the 105th day of the vaccination campaign, 27,44,485 doses of vaccine were administered.

No less than 15.69,846 beneficiaries received the first dose over 23,356 sessions and 11.74,639 people received the second dose.