“All of the deceased patients were on a ventilator and had comorbidities. Deaths are not necessarily due to a shortage of oxygen, ”says the Deputy Commissioner.

A wave of deaths of COVID-19 patients in Chamarajanagar near here has triggered panic among people over the oxygen shortage.

Against a daily average of eight to 10 deaths, a total of 22 COVID-19 patients died Sunday evening.

“All of the deceased patients were on a ventilator and had comorbidities. Deaths are not necessarily due to oxygen shortage, ”Chamarajanagar Deputy Commissioner MR Ravi said. The Hindu by telephone.

Although he clarified that the deaths were unrelated to the unavailability of oxygen, Mr Ravi said it was difficult to get oxygen in Mysuru.

Suppliers, who were under pressure to meet Mysuru’s demands, were struggling to ensure a steady supply to Chamarajanagar.

Mysuru MP Pratap Simha also intervened late at night to ensure the supply of oxygen to Chamarajanagar, Ravi said while saying he was personally monitoring the situation until 2 a.m. and bought 60 bottles.

Death audit

Meanwhile, Education Minister S. Suresh Kumar, who is in charge of Chamarajnagar District, announced at a press conference that he had ordered an audit of the death of the tragedy.

In a hastily called press conference, he said: “Not all deaths in 24 hours were due to oxygen shortage. A death audit will reveal the exact cause,” he said. -he declares. However, he admitted that there was an oxygen shortage in the district and that there was a two-hour seizure after midnight on Sunday.

The district, ranked among the most backward in Karnataka, depends on neighboring Mysuru for oxygen supply. The minister said he had asked the chief secretary to ensure a regular supply of oxygen to the district. “I am aware that Mysuru has an increasing demand. But that does not mean that Chamarajnagar can be denied the supply,” he said. He said an investigation would be conducted into how the oxygen supply was cut off. “Those responsible will suffer consequences,” he said.

No delay on our side: Mysuru

The Mysuru district administration said it had secured the supply of 250 oxygen cylinders before midnight for which there were records and there was no delay on its part.

While 40 oxygen cylinders were transported from Mysuru district hospital, 210 cylinders were transported from a private agency in the city, according to a statement.

The clarification follows allegations that supplies to Chamarajanagar district have been limited in order to respond to Mysuru.