A concise and to the point professional student resume serves as an overview of your profile. The point is to get people to know you. Think of your resume as a trailer; you have to make the viewer want to see more. The things you choose are at the heart of a good resume.

Here’s what you can include if you’re a college student or recent graduate. The main focus is on you as the perfect candidate, with your unique skills highlighted.


Your academic history, as well as the name of your school and your degree

Achievements and awards, including high GPA

Projects that have gained critical appreciation and that are relevant to your profile

Stay away from:

Non-quantifiable pieces like personality types

Common skills like MS Excel

Languages ​​you are not sure about

Exposure to a hobby at a younger level

What is a profile?

To assess your application, an application to the university allows you to create a student persona. Ratings and numbers alone are not enough to differentiate your profile from that of other applicants. How are you going to stand out? Consider the following points:

What is your character?

What are you good at

What are your interests?

Things that pique your curiosity.

The direction you want your education to take.

The profile is the culmination of all the elements you use to build this character.

Now, let’s break it down into different categories:

Academics are the most important and central aspect of education.

Extracurricular or extracurricular activities such as debate clubs, sports, MUN, theater

Projects and internships that will help confirm your talents or interests.

Short workshops or certified courses will show your seriousness

Participation in camps or summer programs

Build a profile

A profile is the character you create to reflect your learning styles, inspiration, and goals. Profile creation refers to any activity undertaken to increase awareness of your intelligence, talents and achievements, as well as your commitments to advance your learning or career paths.

The terms “profile” and “CV” are often used interchangeably. But there is a difference between choosing which activities will look good in your profile because they are the most popular and which ones are based on your interest and to create deep understanding.

Choosing activities from an early age will ensure you have enough time to build your profile. You will have plenty of opportunities to make sure you can show your commitment to your best interests. It will help you make your dreams come true on a higher level.

The writer is the co-founder, ACadru.