Dixon Technologies, an electronics maker, has expressed plans to set up an electronics manufacturing unit in Karnataka.

The Noida-based company, which manufactures laptops, tabs and other electronics, is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for many domestic and global brands. The company in India is also known for manufacturing home appliances, including desktop computers, CFL bulbs, LED televisions, CCTV and washing machines.

The company’s management, led by Executive Chairman Sunil Vachani, met with Karnataka’s Chief Deputy Minister and IT / BT Minister Dr CN Ashwathanarayan, and requested government assistance to set up the ‘unit.

Dixon Technologies is said to have sought 10-15 acres of land and other tax benefits. To which the state government responded positively, and the deputy chief minister pledged all help.

The project is expected to be implemented under the responsibility of the Karnataka IT / BT Department and Electronic Systems Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) policy.

The government has shown the company some plots of land, and the company is said to have downsized at a few sites in Kolar, Bengaluru Rural and Ramanagara districts. The chief deputy minister also called on the deputy commissioners to facilitate the company’s application and expand any help to attract investment and house the Dixon Technologies manufacturing plant in the state.

In accordance with ESDM policy, if the company locates its factory in any of the districts other than Bengaluru or any other location outside of Bengaluru city, all subsidies and benefits must be negotiated with the company. Dr Ashwathanarayan said the company has been made aware and convinced of the benefits of employing premises.

Atul Lal Company General Manager Ramana Reddy, Karnataka IT-BT Department Additional Chief Secretary Meena Nagaraja, IT / BT Department Director and Industrial Development Commissioner Gunjan Krishna participated in the discussion.