Former US President Donald Trump has launched a new “communications platform” called “From the Office of Donald J. Trump”.

The platform is a subsection of the Trump website.

Jason Miller, spokesman for Trump, clarified that the platform is not a new social media platform and that more details on this front will be provided soon.

Trump plans to return to social media with his own platform in the next 2-3 months: report

“President Trump’s website is a great resource for finding his latest statements and highlights from his first term, but it’s not a new social media platform. We will have more information coming up on this front in the very near future, ”Miller tweeted.

The platform allows Trump to post comments, photos and videos. It also includes the written statements he has issued since leaving. It allows subscribers to also share the posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook’s supervisory board to announce Trump ban decision in coming weeks

Ban on social media platforms

A video posted on the site refers to Trump’s ban on social media platforms.

Trump has plans to return to social media by launching his own platform after being suspended from platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, Miller told Fox News in March.

Several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat, had taken action against Trump’s account after the U.S. Capitol riots in January.

The Facebook ban is currently under review by the Facebook Supervisory Board. Twitter had called on the public to help shape its policy framework for world leaders on the platform.