KUNAL DUBEY, Marketing Manager, Vedantu, talks about the main goal of the ed-tech brand to make learning fun and engaging, and how they achieve it through gamification

What are the main lessons that you have gathered as a marketing leader in the Internet and start-up ecosystem for almost 10 years?

The most important questions facing any marketing leader in the start-up ecosystem are: What is the spend philosophy? What’s the right amount to spend? Where to spend? How do you measure spending? How do you use the data? My biggest learning of all these years is how HI (Human Intelligence) meets AI (Artificial Intelligence), where HI represents the category you serve.. Many start-ups focus only on data, but forget about the HI side. The person we talk to should always be clear, and for us in Vedantu it is the parents and the students. It is important to know what is your addressable universe, phasing of the universe, media to be reached with impact / efficiency, and framework for measuring effectiveness and efficiency.

Also, in the start-up ecosystem, people see funding as a marketing expense. But marketing funding comes with a lot of responsibility. At Flipkart, where I led the media team, the Big Billion Days was the perfect example of the implementation of “HI meets AI”. At Flipkart, we were the first to ride the wave of personalization that has come to the country. Vedantu is also a classic example of ‘HI meets AI’, combining data and user insights.

You were appointed Marketing Manager at Vedantu last year. Where is Vedantu currently in the highly competitive field of electronic technology and what is your core mandate?
Vedantu is one of the biggest players in K12 and has seen an increase in recent times with students participating in 75 million hours of live lessons delivered on the Vedantu platform in 2020. The number of students attending Live courses on the platform have grown exponentially to over 7 million in the K-12 category and contests such as JEE & NEET. Across the core matrix like paid students, free students, etc., we’ve seen 7X growth. My main mandate is very simple: we are committed to growing frugally. Our goal is to make Vedantu the most trusted education brand in India. We’re a student-obsessed organization and I believe education is always like co-parenting – all we do is keep the focus on the kids.

Tell us about VOTE (Vedantu Online Talent Exam), the new commercial that you just launched to fill academic gaps and learning loss in 2020.

We want to ensure that every child has a return to learning in 2021. VOTE (Vedantu Online Talent Exam) is one of our initiatives, which aims to gamify this whole experience – it will provide learners with the right platform to prepare for. first. – in-depth analysis of performance, achieve their academic goals and achieve their rank from all over India without having to take a real competition. VOTE will be divided into different classes for children at different grade levels.

We have designed several master classes before the actual exam, as well as quizzes. Children make their own plan for solving daily problems, and students also receive personal advice after receiving their report card. So far, over 4 million children across the country have responded positively to VOTE. Mega winners will have a chance to become CEO of the company for a day and win a trip to NASA. Our new ad talks about creating enthusiasm for the proposition we have.

There appears to be online learning fatigue among students. Have you thought about it or have you developed a strategy to address it?

Well, I think fatigue is not related to online learning; there is fatigue among students from an overall learning perspective. Online learning helps students overcome fatigue by keeping them more engaged and excited about the way they are learning. Our philosophy is to make learning fun and engaging, and we’ve made it more engaging with gamification through our interactive Wave platform.

What are you waiting for at this point?

Vedantu is in a hyper-growing stage and professionally I can’t wait to bring it to a level where it will become synonymous with live online education.