The fall of the congressional government in Pondicherry was on the cards once four party deputies fled the cooperative. The party may blame the BJP for weaning its MPs, but the fact that they only deserted it weeks before a new poll would suggest internal strife was at work here. Chief Minister V Narayanasamy tendered his resignation on Monday without facing a real division in the assembly, creating uncertainty on the territory of the Union.

The BJP is unlikely to join the AIADMK in pushing for the formation of a government, especially when the next assembly ballot is due in April. With the fall of the Pondicherry government, Congress lost its last outpost in the South. It now has party governments in Rajasthan, Punjab and Chhattisgarh, although it shares power in a few states as a junior partner.

The BJP has never been in power in Pondicherry and is expected to join the electoral fray with the intention of sharing power with a leading Dravida party. However, it would be counterproductive for the BJP to join an alliance to form the government at this point. The best option before the Governor of Telangana Tamilisai Soundararajan, in charge of Pondicherry after the dismissal of Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi, is to recommend the central power until after the elections to the assembly, a popular government is put in place.