Bombay: The Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court on Monday criticized authorities for not having a single electric crematorium in any of the districts of the Marathwada region. The HC said authorities should not cut down trees to obtain firewood to cremate the corpses of Covid-19 victims.

The bench of Judges Ravindra Ghuge and Bhalachandra Debadwar also called on the authorities and the state government to learn from Israel which paid double to import vaccines and had 90% of its population vaccinated to avoid large numbers of infected people.

During the hearing, the bench sought to know the state of the funeral ghats in Aurangabad and the rest of the Marathwada region. The judges even sought to know the status of electric crematoriums.

With that, prosecutor DR Kale told the bench that there wasn’t a single district that had an electric crematorium. “It is expensive because we need a 24/7 power supply for these crematoriums,” the magistrate said.

Interrupting his remarks, Judge Ghuge said: “It would mean that you (the authorities) are going back to the primitive practice of cutting down trees.”

During this Kale clarified that only 50 percent of wood and the remaining bricks were used for cremations.

Judge Ghuge again interrupted and said, “But for wood, we have to cut trees properly. Or do you have some technology that can create wood from air. Please surprise us with it. such technology that you have developed. “

The judge further highlighted a photo in a local newspaper showing a huge crowd gathered outside a store to buy wood, even at exorbitant prices, to cremate their loved ones.

“You just can’t damage nature at any cost. You must understand that money can be recovered, but the destruction of nature cannot be undone. Cutting down trees would damage Mother Earth and nature. We must protect the resources available today ”. remarked Judge Ghuge, irritated.

The bench added that government officials should learn from Israel, “they spent double on importing vaccines and had 90% of their population vaccinated. After spending so much, they did not have to lock down their country and to ruin their economy “.

“You can’t say that electric crematoriums are expensive. They would be useful in the long run,” added the bench.

The bench therefore suggested that the authorities call on industrialists in the Marathwada region to use CSR funds to install large numbers of electric and LPG crematoriums.

Judges further noted an incident in Beed District where 12 corpses were stacked in sacks in a single vehicle.

“We are of the opinion that if death takes a person’s life and frees their soul, the person’s body must be respected. The last rites on a body must be performed while preserving the dignity of the soul of the person. nobody, who left his body, ”said the bench in his orders.