“The state administration, including the police, must strictly enforce the Covid restrictions and ensure that anyone found in the public highway wears a mask, regardless of their position in society and with the same rigor, the wearing of helmets must be implemented. ” judges added.

During the hearing, the bench was informed that recently a former mayor of Aurangabad was seen celebrating his birthday in violation of Covid standards.

Angered by this, the bench said: “We really don’t understand why the people’s representatives, who are supposed to rule from the front, publicly celebrate their birthdays and even break protocols?”

Meanwhile, the bench noted that rural citizens in various districts are panicking and heading to cities to perform RT-PCR testing. “Thus, we are of the opinion that the authorities should increase rapid antigenic tests in rural hospitals so that the test results are available to them as soon as possible and they do not have to wait days in total for their reports. also ensure rapid treatment of these citizens, ”said the judges.

In addition, the bench ordered industrialists, philanthropists and even NGOs to come forward to help set up LPG crematoriums. Another directive was issued to local businesses, MPs, etc. to use constituency development funds to install electric / LPG crematoriums in the area.