A distinctive characteristic of a person who lives with God is their forgiving nature. Has someone wronged him, exploited him? If so, he forgives even before forgiveness is asked. And he lives a life of beauty and bliss. Such a person is indeed rich. I was reading about Niagara Falls. A bridge had to be built across the falls. For this, they needed to tie a rope across the river to start the suspension bridge. The waters of the river were too fast and turbulent to pass the rope in a boat. What did they do? They flew a kite across the river. When he reached the other side, a rope was tied to his string. Finally, a rope was attached to the cord. This was the start of the suspension bridge that spans Niagara Falls.

Am I falling out with someone and have I been separated from them by a chasm so wide it cannot be bridged? Let me fly him a kite, loving thoughts and forgiveness. A telephone wire can be the rope of the kite – and a bridge of reconciliation built by a simple phone call. Forgiveness is the precious lubricant that keeps all of our relationships smooth and frictionless.

A house where a man and his 10-year-old daughter lived was attacked by outlaws. The father died in the fight. The outlaws spared the life of the girl, Mélanie, but blinded her. Ten years later, Mélanie was sitting by the side of the road, when she heard footsteps and a voice that frightened her. “What is that?” she shouted, “Be careful, because I’m blind. ‘I know who you are,’ replied one of the outlaws. ‘I’m the man who killed your father and blinded you. just tried to hold back a passerby and he shot me. I’m going to die. Please forgive me. “

Melanie shuddered with anger but controlled herself, forgave the criminal and urged him to repent. When the man was dead, she searched for his eyes and closed them softly like a loving girl.

The “F” of forgiveness is freedom. Forgiveness frees us from wounds that would otherwise continue to sting us, as long as memory lasts. Observe a moment of calm; think about forgiving thoughts for everyone.

(Dada JP Vaswani is a humanitarian, philosopher, educator, renowned writer, powerful orator, Ahimsa messiah, and non-sectarian spiritual leader.)