The Anantapur administration has only licensed eight district hospitals for treatment of coronavirus patients and all of them offer treatment under the Aarogyasri program, collector Gandham Chandrudu said on Monday.

“If a hospital is found stealing patients in the name of COVID-19 treatment without obtaining the required clearance, action will be taken against them. We have prepared 1,003 beds for patients due to the surge in cases, ”said the collector.

Facilities that have been approved to treat COVID-19 include the Hindupur District Hospital (70 beds); General government hospital in Anantapur (165); Kadiri Regional Hospital (50); Guntakal Regional Hospital (60); Super specialized hospital in Anantapur (300); Governmental Cancer Hospital (266); KIMS Saveera Hospital (10) and RDT Hospital in Bathalapalli (82 beds).

“Hospitals treating patients with COVID-19 without authorization will be reserved under the Allopathy Hospital Registration and Outbreak Law,” the collector said.