India is an important market for global data storage solutions provider Western Digital Corporation, according to Jaganathan Chelliah, India region marketing director at WDC.

According to Chelliah, the market has great potential due to the growth in data creation and consumption.

“India is a very important market for Western Digital. India is a market that is clearly growing exponentially in terms of data creation and consumption. Thus, we see a strong correlation between the digital reader which occurs on both the personal side and the business side. And the amount of data that’s being created there, ”the WD executive said.

“We see a great opportunity for both our personal storage solutions product portfolio and the commercial storage solutions product portfolio,” he said.

Personal storage

In the consumer segment, WDC offers SanDisk and WD branded products for personal storage. In the future, the company will focus more on the portable SSD category and the mobile USB category.

“We have a range of solutions that would help consumers manage their data effectively. We see two important product categories that consumers are actively reviewing today. One is the portable SSD category where we have SanDisk. The other category where there is a strong consumer interest is mobile USB, we call it as mobile USB stick, our Sandisk dual USB stick, ”Chelliah said.

“Our opportunities are based primarily on the emerging needs of consumers. This is why we are interested in this market segment, ”he said.

According to a CyberMedia Research (CMR) report, the Indian consumer storage market, which includes Micro SD, Pen Drive, and SD card, experienced 433% growth in shipments quarter over quarter (QoQ) in third quarter 2020. SanDisk remained the market leader with 74 percent share with 50 percent market share in Micro SD category, 87 percent in SD card market and 94 percent market share in the Pen Drive segment.

Internal SSDs will also play an important role in the growth of WD.

“The other category where we have a good opportunity, a very strong market need and the right set of products to help consumers get the right experience from their PCs (personal computers) is the internal SSD market,” he said. Chelliah said.

“On the business side of Solid State Drives (SSDs), internal SSDs, in particular, play a very important role in improving the productivity of professionals in all verticals,” he said.

“This is another important growth opportunity that we see as India has a very large installed base of laptops and desktops with hard drives. Our entire portfolio of WD internal SSDs on WD Blue and WD Green is doing very well and is very well accepted in the market, ”he added.

Indian internal hard drive (SATA and PCIe) market shipments saw a 197% QoQ growth in the third quarter of 2020, according to CMR’s India Hard Drive Market Review for the third quarter of 2020.

According to the report, WDC was the main contributor to the overall consumer internal SSD market in India in the third quarter of 2020 with a market share of 39%.

Role of the game

The growing popularity of games in India is also driving the demand for storage and SSD drives in particular.

“The unique technological component within a gaming PC that can significantly improve the game, in terms of the overall experience, is storage. It determines the type of experience the game will have, ”according to Chelliah.

“The only place where you have a challenge today in terms of data transfer is storage and where most gamers use hard drives in India. Now, this is where the importance of SSD drives comes in. It increases the speed of data transfer between components of a computer by an order of magnitude. This helps well-known games load commands faster so they can be executed faster or reduce dropouts, ”he explained.

“There is a technological limitation when you use hard drives. So Western Digital clearly identified this as a need, ”he added.

Western Digital has launched a series of products as part of its WD_BLACK portfolio of storage solutions for gamers. These include the WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD, Western Digital’s first NVMe SSD, and the WD_BLACK AN1500 NVMe SSD expansion card. Additionally, Western Digital will also release three new Cold War-themed Call of Duty: Black Ops SSDs in early January 2021.

Commercial storage

The head of WD also spoke about the increased demand for storage in the commercial storage portfolio, as organizations embrace the digital transformation accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“On the business side, organizations are actively embracing digital transformation and changing their business processes, optimizing their supply chains, optimizing their sales and marketing engines to ensure they are using digital technologies to manage current disruption that has occurred, ”he said. .

“The digital initiatives that different companies and organizations are putting in place to solve complex challenges really create the need for the right kind of storage technologies to manage the data that is created,” he said.

“This is another place where we can play an important role in helping our customers in the enterprise segment by utilizing our high performance high capacity hard drives and high performance enterprise class solid state drives,” he said. added.

“We are focused on all aspects of growth and data both on the consumer side and the business side with specific use cases emerging,” he added.