Mhow / Indore: Indore Lokayukta police entered Mhow prison on Monday and caught a guard and sweeper in the act while accepting Rs 25,000 as a bribe from one person instead of providing better facilities to a prisoner friend.

Lokayukta DSP Praveen Singh Baghel said prison guard Ajendra Singh Rathore demanded money from family members of alcohol smuggler Dilip Chaukse who is currently in prison.

Family members informed Chaukse’s friend Jitendra Solanki of the prison guard’s request and Solanki approached Lokayukta police. He informed Lokayukta police that Rathore, on behalf of jailer Brajesh Makwana, was asking 25,000 rupees from family members of prisoner Chaukse to provide him with better facilities inside the prison and ensure that he did not would not be beaten by other prisoners and police.

Solanki also told detectives that previously a request for money had been made by the guard, which was satisfied, but this time, Chaukse did not want to grease the palms of the corrupt prison guard. prison with Rs 25,000.

DSP Baghel obtained special permission from the SDM (Mhow) and IAS agent Abhilash Mishra to enter the prison premises.

Rathore sent Solanki to sweeper Manish Bali stating that the amount of the bribe would be returned to him with an additional Rs 200 for him.

Meanwhile, detectives in civilian clothes entered the prison premises under the pretext of meeting a prisoner. As Bali accepted the amount of the bribe, he was caught red-handed by the Lokayukta detectors.