Police played the Good Samaritan for a migrant worker who was cycling to Bihar from Maharashtra on Tuesday. Rau police not only gave her food, but also provided her with slippers and told a truck driver to take her to her condition. Many other people were also helped by the police in the temporary shelter set up by the police where migrant workers can come to rest.

Migrant workers have started relocating to their home towns after losing their jobs in Maharashtra due to the increase in Covid cases there. Without work, many migrants return home to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Rau police have made a temporary shelter Gol Chouraha where migrant workers can rest. With the help of social workers, the police also provide them with food. Rau Police are also helping people by truckers and other vehicles to get them to their destinations.

On Tuesday, a person named Neeraj Paswan from Darbhanga (Bihar) joined the police. He informed the police that he was employed at a hotel on the border of Khetia in Maharashtra. The hotel was closed due to the lockdown and he lost his job. So he decided to go home on his bicycle. It took four days to reach Indore from Maharashtra and his slippers were also broken, and Rau Police Station official Narendra Singh Raghuwanshi provided him with new slippers and food. After that, Raghuwnashi arrested a truck driver, who was also going to Bihar, and told him to drop Neeraj at his home.