The global industry is on the cusp of a multi-year technology upgrade cycle, providing long-term visibility into the global demand environment, and Tata Consultancy Services is preparing for it, a senior official said.

“The nature of the technology investment leads us to believe that we are at the start of a multi-year technology upgrade cycle. As customers execute the transformation agenda across multiple horizons, starting with building a digital core, which affects both their application infrastructure, their technology infrastructure, and their business and operational transformation initiatives, ”said Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO and Managing Director of TCS told shareholders on Thursday.

“Horizon Two will involve innovating business models by leveraging the power of data and analytics and finally Horizon Three which we believe the cloud will allow for the creation of a core ecosystem where companies will collaborate with other adjacent businesses to create offerings that benefit the customer’s goal creation, ”he said.

“Together, these initiatives will drive a significant technological transformation in several sectors, which will give us long-term visibility into the global demand environment and we are preparing for it,” he added.

Tata Sons held its 26th AGM virtually on Thursday, chaired by Tata Sons President N Chandrasekaran, with other directors joining in live from around the world.

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TCS’s “continued investments” in building capacity for growth and transformation have started to pay off, Gopinathan said, adding that some of his early successes include the work the company is doing for the Phoenix Group, the group. Belgian postal service, Novolex and the State of Connecticut. among others.

TCS has more than 6,000 researchers, inventors and innovators, who have collectively produced more than 240 articles and filed 5,879 patents, for which it has received 1,850 patents.

TCS predicts that in a few years, no more than 25% of its employees will need to be in the office at any time, and employees will not need to spend more than 25% of their time in the office being fully productive, he said. -he adds. .

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