Industry body TAIPA said operations and maintenance activities for critical telecommunications infrastructure are proceeding smoothly overall amid curfews and movement restrictions induced by the pandemic in various states.

The telecommunications tower industry is better prepared to handle the work on the ground as many processes and practices are already in place after last year’s nationwide lockdown.

The association also reached out to the Center and various states to quickly resolve some of the issues, which led to timely actions and results, said TR Dua, general manager of the Tower and Tower Suppliers Association. infrastructures (TAIPA), at PTI.

“This time we are better prepared when it comes to the processes, and we immediately took timely action believing that the wave of Covid is likely to be stronger,” he said.

Remote work and people’s massive data needs have led to the construction of 65,000 new towers in the past year, Dua said.

Asked whether the recent surge in Covid cases will affect new tower installations to some extent, Dua said in his opinion that if there could be “a small slowdown in new installations” in the immediate short term , momentum will pick up from May. with the opening of the vaccination campaign to a wider population, and given that the surge in data consumption will continue unabated.

TAIPA Awareness Program

Elaborating on TAIPA’s outreach program, Dua informed that the association had contacted its members and various circle leaders to ensure that contingency planning measures were in place, and that a portal with dashboard 8-9 key parameters, including movement of people, diesel availability, support needed, and enforcement actions, if any, are operational to monitor ground activities.

“Sporadic problems will continue to arise, but there has been a continuous flow of information, so the movement of technicians and field personnel has not been prohibited. Things are going well for now,” said Dua said, adding that the industry had not encountered major problems like it had. last year, immediately after the March 2020 lockdown.

Previously, TAIPA had sought the support of the Department of Telecommunications to ensure 24-hour availability of telecommunications connectivity, as movement restrictions and strict curfews were imposed in many states and UTs.

TAIPA had requested the free movement of field staff and technicians to access the sites of the telecommunications towers; availability of diesel for telecommunications tower sites; the safety and security of telecommunications personnel / technicians by law enforcement and law enforcement agencies in States and UTs, among others.

Dua said TAIPA works closely with its members to monitor the safety and security of telecommunications personnel, assets and technician movements, as well as the overall maintenance of the telecommunications infrastructure.

Various state governments have announced curfews and lockdowns to curb the second wave of the pandemic, which has stretched the country’s healthcare infrastructure.

A record 3,689 daily Covid-19 deaths brought the death toll in India to 2.15,542, while the number of infections reached 1.95,57,457 with an additional 3.92,488 people confirmed positive for the disease, according to data from the Union Ministry of Health updated on Sunday morning.