Nutritionist, sports consultant, psychologist Shwetha Bhatia, one of the few dietitians recognized by the Indian Dietetic Association, Mumbai, shares her thoughts on the importance of the day that can make you rethink your approach to diet culture.

“We need to respect people of all sizes and their unique battles against body shame and weight loss. However, a positive body image should in no way be an excuse to quit smoking and stay unhealthy. As humans, we have a psychological association with food. It can reach unhealthy proportions in the form of emotional eating, ”Bhatia explains.

She points out, “Shooting for unrealistic body types is harmful.” “The focus should be on health and fitness rather than a certain size or number on the scale. Shape is largely determined by your genes. The same goes for the tendency to store fat and build muscle in certain areas. Even when you start to lose fat, it leaves areas that were never meant to store it first, ”she says.

With big celebrities in her client list, Bhatia, 43, is a household name in the fitness and nutrition arena. She says, “A fit body always looks good. Aesthetics is the by-product when you have more muscle and less fat. Spot reduction doesn’t work: When you exercise, it works the muscle rather than burning the fat above it. Fat burning is targeted by diet.

“A diet is a combination of nutrients your body needs every day to survive, repair and adapt. Dieting therefore means doing the right things most of the time based on your health and fitness goals. Abandoning the diet then means letting go from time to time so as not to get lost. “