Andhra’s wicketkeeper-batsman. Shrikar Bharat, who is in the Royal Challengers Bangalore team for this year’s IPL, says he understands the T20 format better now and is keen to adapt as soon as possible.

In a special conversation with Hindu After a training session, 27-year-old Bharata said that there has been a continuous effort to improve his game and mindset.

“With a team like RCB and a captain like Virat Kohli is something that every cricketer should dream about,” he said. Bharat said, “I believe Virat is an institution and such high levels have been set for Indian cricket, I am going to learn a lot about becoming a better cricketer.”

“A lot is happening around the RCB nets. Honestly, Virat is unprecedented and a role model for millions of people, ”he said.

He said, ‘My approach to IPL is not to try for a week or two before coming to RCB. I know the importance of giving your best for the success of the team in any situation, ”said India-a cricketer with a decade-long experience.

“There is a lot of thinking in each training session. Whether it’s on the field or in the gym,” Bharat said. “It’s a professional organization that inspires you to step into a different field,” he said.

“I want a long way to realize my goals. Learning is everywhere whether it is a first-class match or playing for India-A or IPL. It is important for me to keep things simple, enjoy what you are doing, rather than looking too far ahead.