Last year in November, Hailey revealed that a post intended to report that she is expecting her first child with the singer.

Hailey took her story to Instagram and said she was “not pregnant”.

She wrote: “So please stop writing fake stories from your ‘sources’ and focus on what is important, which is the election.”

Hailey and Justin are yet to become parents, but they have discussed having children.

In February, Justin had said they would start a family “in due course”, but that they would have things to tick off their to-do list before that.

Justin had said, “I want to love being married a bit, going on tour, being married, loving traveling with us, building our relationship more. And I think, yeah, that’s definitely the next step.”

Hailey recently revealed that she is thrilled to have children, especially a girl who she can pass her cashmere sweaters to. She joked that she kept her Bottega Veneta sweater for her daughter because “it will never go out of style”.

In September 2020, the couple celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary.

The couple officially got married in 2018 in a New York courthouse and threw their friends and family at a wedding in South Carolina a year later.