In Kozhikode, couples who religiously observe safety guidelines during their marriage are given certificates of appreciation.

At a time when Kerala police face bouquets and buns for the strict enforcement of the COVID-19 protocol, here is a team of police officers from rural Kozhikode keen to knock on their citizens’ doors with colorful bouquets and certificates of appreciation for a special reason.

In a unique gesture, the police officials here are on the lookout for couples who religiously adhere to wedding safety guidelines and make their happiest moments the safest experience for all guests.

“So far, we have distributed about 40 certificates of appreciation to the newlyweds in the rural police district of Kozhikode. The couples were all very excited as we could plan it as a surprise gift for them, recognizing their cooperation in this time of pandemic, ”said Kozhikode District Police Chief A. Sreenivas. The Hindu Wednesday. He said he would personally appeal to these couples on possible occasions or otherwise delegate his colleagues to deliver the certificates.

Following the creative movement of the khaki-clad, many families in rural Kozhikode have been found to strictly comply with safety guidelines and follow the principle of minimalism. The number of visitors to various weddings and other similar family events has seen a dramatic decline. As the idea was launched as part of an intensive awareness-raising program, it was well received by the public. It also allowed many families to share cordial moments with the police.

“For better planning, we collect in advance the list of all weddings in our region from the COVID-Jagratha portal or through the reports of the special branch. Later, our team, made up of sector magistrates and police officers, will visit the scene to confirm that families are correctly following the rules and following social distancing standards, ”said Dr Sreenivas. He also said that similar creative interventions will be made in the coming days as part of the awareness campaigns.

“Kuttikkaval” (Child Watch) was another innovative idea recently launched by the rural police in Kozhikode to educate children about pandemic threats and their humble roles in tackling the crisis in their own families. Outreach messages aimed at young audiences were widely disseminated through various social media applications. Besides the social media campaign, they had exclusive opportunities to participate in various online competitions such as making videos, posters and trolls to create social awareness. The best articles were promised attractive gifts.