Koo, the me-too Twitter app for vernacular expression, has announced the launch of its “Talk to Type” feature.

Anyone who wants to share their ideas can now do so easily without having to type. They can express their thoughts out loud and the words will appear on the screen, without using a keyboard. This feature will be available in all seven Indian languages ​​that Koo currently offers, as well as English, making it an easy way to share ideas with people in native Indian languages.

Koo is the world’s first social media platform to use this “Talk to Type” feature, which is also available in Indian regional languages ​​except English, the company said in a statement.

The local application Koo brings together 5.2 million users in 1 year

‘Simplify the expression’

“This ‘Talk to Type’ feature is magical and takes authoring for regional language creators to the next level. Users no longer need to use the keyboard and write long thoughts. Indian language speakers can now express their opinion and the words will appear on the screen as if by magic. For those who struggle to type in local languages, this feature takes all that pain away. We will continue to add value to Indians by enabling the easiest localized forms of expression and presenting their thoughts to India in a transparent manner, ”said Aprameya Radhakrishna, Co-Founder of Koo.

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“Our mission at Koo is to connect India and empower one billion Indian voices to speak freely in their native languages. It couldn’t be any easier than that. We are the first social platform in the world to launch such a feature. You won’t find this on Facebook, Twitter, or any other global platform. We will continue to simplify the term for anyone who wants to connect with their audience, ”added Mayank Bidawatka, Koo co-founder.

“We are creating a real platform of people”

Koo has gathered more than 5.2 million subscribers, one year after it went online in March 2020. The application seeks to multiply by 15 the growth of its number of subscribers, to introduce new features, to increase its availability of eight to 25 Indian languages ​​and to step up its customization efforts this year.