Kyrgyzstan accused neighboring Tajikistan on Saturday of having assembled troops and military equipment near its border, following Thursday’s clashes in which 41 people were killed and more than 100 injured.

The Kyrgyz border guard also said Tajik troops opened fire on Kyrgyz vehicles near a Kyrgyz village.

Tajikistan made no comment, although a Tajik security source said Dushanbe was sticking to a ceasefire and troop withdrawal agreement.

At the same time, talks continued to settle the conflict between the two Central Asian countries, both allies of Russia.

The presidents of the two countries spoke by phone on Saturday to discuss next steps, their offices said.

“In violation of bilateral agreements on the withdrawal of troops to their bases, the other side continues to bring more troops and heavy equipment to its border with Kyrgyzstan,” the Kyrgyz border guard said in a statement.

A Kyrgyz area populated by thousands has remained cut off from the rest of the country, border guards said, as Tajik troops blocked a road through disputed territory.