Lucknow: A 26-year-old frontline warrior at the designated COVID-19 hospital, the Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGI), succumbed to the novel coronavirus on Tuesday April 6, apparently due to “medical negligence “.

Sanjeev Kumar, a native of Hathras district and an SGPGI worker, had been working for six months and had been in the COVID-19 department since March 28. His job was to help patients with routine tasks like eating or moving around and helping hospital staff with important tasks. However, two days ago, Kumar complained of chest discomfort, shortness of breath and a mild fever. He was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead, according to his brother Nitesh.

“My brother Sanjeev was hired by an outsourcing agency six months earlier and had been on continuous duty since March 28 in the designated COVID-19 ward at PGI Hospital. Even on the day of his death, Sanjeev had served in COVID-19. Ward. Despite this, the hospital authorities do not accept him as their employee. The management hid his task board as soon as they heard the news of his death, so that they could claim that he was no longer associated with the hospital, ”Nitesh said, adding that Sanjeev had developed a sputum and shortness of breath for two days and his health continued to deteriorate.

“He was sent home rather than being treated in the hospital. He fell shortly after returning home. With the help of neighbors, he was sent to the civilian hospital but died. on the way, ”Nitesh added.

Meanwhile, hospital authorities denied the reason for Sanjeev’s death to be COVID-19 and claimed he quit his job two months earlier and was no longer on duty. “I have no such information to my knowledge that anyone has died from COVID-19,” said Professor RK Singh, RCH Medical Director, SGPGI. NewsVSlick.

On the other hand, following the supposedly callous attitude of the medical school and the irresponsible statement of the medical director, angry contract workers of SGPGI staged a protest outside the door against the management on April 7.

“On the day of Sanjeev’s death, he was on duty at the hospital in the morning. We have evidence, but since he was on contract, his corpse is not even worth compensating for the hospital authorities,” he said. said Gopichand, president of the workers’ union. NewsVSlick, demanding Rs 50 lakh as financial aid for the family of the deceased.

He added that even though a compensation of Rs 50 lakh has been declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for such cases, but the hospital does not want to pay the compensation, and that is why they do not accept that Sanjeev was an employee of the hospital.

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“In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Modi government made a lot of noise for appreciating COVID-19 frontline workers. We were given the name Corona Warrior but when it comes to the death of one of us, no one takes our grievances into account, ”he added.


At least 40 doctors from prestigious King George’s Medical University (KGMU), including its vice-chancellor Vipin Puri and medical superintendent D Himanshu, have would have tested positive for the new coronavirus despite taking two doses of the vaccine.

Confirming the news, university spokesman Sandeep Tewari told media: “About 40 doctors from KGMU have tested positive for COVID within days. Most of the doctors have been vaccinated twice.”

Meanwhile, testing of several other faculty members and a selection of other staff members are underway.

According to the latest figures, Uttar Pradesh has seen an almost 50% increase in COVID-19 cases. On Wednesday, the state reported 6,180 new cases statewide, in which 2,000 cases were reported in the capital city of Lucknow alone, which has become a COVID-19 hotspot. Of the total cases, 30 people have died so far, Additional Chief Health Secretary (ACS) Amit Mohan Prasad told media.