Maqsood Mahmood Ali aka Lucky Ali, who became king of indie pop in the 90s, is said to have died from COVID-19, leaving fans in shock.

As word spread like wildfire on social media, many fans offered their condolences to the singer. However, quashing all the rumors surrounding the death hoax, Lucky’s close friend and actress Nafisa Ali said ETimes that he’s on his farm in Bengaluru with his family, planning virtual concerts.

“He’s fine. He doesn’t have COVID,” she said.

Lucky, whose 1996 pop hit “O sanam” is still hummed by fans, zoomed in on Bollywood as the voice of Hrithik Roshan in the 2000 blockbuster, “Kaho Na … Pyar Hai”, singing “Ek pal ka jeena “and” Na tum jaano na hum “.

The introverted singer, however, gave it all up and stepped away from the spotlight.

In 2020, a video of Lucky Ali surprising his fans with a performance of his hit song “O sanam” in Goa left social media users in awe of him.

Most artists these days strive to stay relevant. For singer Lucky Ali, who has worked in the music industry for more than three decades, it’s about staying “irrelevant.” He said he wasn’t thrilled with the number of online views his songs were garnering.

“I’m happy when people like (his song) but if you feel happy that” oh my god! I’ve had so many clicks, “then you’re a loser because that’s what you depend on,” Lucky told IANS.

“You should depend on what your heart tells you. Do you feel good about what you are doing or have you done it because you wanted to? It’s temporary. What is permanent is what you do? your heart feels, ”he added.

Well, he’s embarked on a new journey. He collaborated with Israeli music artist Eliezer Botzer for an album called “Lemalla”.