Ratlam: In order to optimize the use of oxygen, an oxygen audit has been launched in the neighborhood.

Collector Gopalchandra Dad asserted that there was no shortage of oxygen and that every effort was made to maintain the supply of hospitals, but stressed the need for optimal use of oxygen.

He said that at present the hospitals were sufficiently supplied and the bottles, as requested, had been provided. He said that oxygen has also become an important medicine and therefore its optimal use is also important.

An official said that a covid private hospital management meeting was held with the district administration where the oxygen demand was reviewed and based on the oxygen requirement by patient, the oxygen requirements of each hospital were checked. It was claimed that private hospitals were receiving oxygen in accordance with their needs and that the supply would remain in line with demand.

Ratlam City MP Chetanya Kashyap said an adequate supply of oxygen to hospitals is maintained here on a per bed basis. He asked the private hospital to continue admitting patients based on their bed capacity as there was no shortage of oxygen for the patients. Kashyap assured that each hospital, depending on its bed capacity, would receive timely oxygen. Private hospitals must admit patients according to approved bed capacity.