BHOPAL: A coordinated approach and data analysis by officials from central and state GST (Goods and Services Tax) departments led to the detection of GST evasion to the tune of Rs 492 crore. Not only that, the teams have recovered around Rs 200 crore of this amount.

A high-level meeting of state and central GST officials was held recently, where officials revealed that data analysis through the NICK eWay invoice portal and other tech channels information had led to the detection of the GST evasion. Tax evasion of Rs 492 crore has been detected during the current fiscal year.

Action was taken by the enforcement teams after which Rs 203 crore was deposited in the treasury. No less than 1,332 vehicle owners have also been penalized for tax evasion. Officials said more than Rs 300 crore will be received during this fiscal year. Despite the corona crisis, revenue collection increased by Rs 4,000 crore.