Maharashtra reported fewer than 50,000 cases of fresh corona on Sunday, with the state reporting 48,801 new infections and 572 deaths from Covid-19, bringing its total to 51.01,737 and 75,841 deaths so far. The state’s cure rate has reached 87 percent and with 44.07,818 patients recovered so far.

Mumbai witnessed fewer than 3,000 Covid-19 cases on Sunday, with the city reporting 2,402 new infections and 68 deaths from Covid-19, bringing the total to 6.76,475 and 13,817 deaths so far. As many as 3,375 patients recovered on Sunday, bringing the total number of healings to 6,03,418 with a 91% cure rate.

The doubling rate of cases in Mumbai rose to 153 days, while the weekly growth rate fell to 0.44%.

According to Dr Tatrarao Lahane, director of the Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER), deaths have increased corresponding to the rise of the virus. “We have seen an increase in deaths from the second wave which was deadlier than the first. The current deaths are those most affected two weeks ago. As a result of the lockdown, we will see deaths level off and even decrease in the coming days, ”Lahane said.

They saw the new cases stabilize in 19 districts of the state. The numbers will decrease further in the next 15 days. The stabilization will also be replicated in the other districts in the coming days. “This trend has also reduced the load on our medical infrastructure. There is no longer a problem now with the oxygen supply and people are hospital beds available for patients, ”said Lahane.