The new fonts are available in Microsoft 365 apps. Microsoft wants people to use them and give their feedback and comments on social media.

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Microsoft has decided to change its default font on all Office products. The software maker has been using Calibri since 2007 and has now ordered five original custom fonts. It searches for user entries to choose the next default font.

Calibri replaced Times New Roman, and now one of the five preselected sans-serif fonts will replace it. A sans serif font or a stroke at the ends is called sans serif. The five policies include Tenorite, Bierstadt, Skeena, Seaford, and Grandview.

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Tenorite is more like Times New Roman and is easy to read with crisp shapes and large type. Its designers claim that the font display styles are inspired by Trade Gothic.

Bierstadt takes inspiration from mid-20th century Swiss typography, and the font is simple with good readability and clear line endings. It takes its name from a 14,000-foot peak in Colorado that reminds its designer of the Swiss Alps.

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Skeena modulated the strokes with a clear contrast between the thick and thin parts of a letter. He is said to have a contemporary face type that nods towards 20th century typical forms.

Seaford is an old-fashioned serif typeface, and its “asymmetrical shapes” would make it easier to read. One of its designers said his team looked at photos of old armchairs for inspiration when creating the font.

Grandview is derived from classic German road and rail signage, offering great readability and is ideal for body text. Its designer says it works exceptionally well for long text parameters.

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The new fonts are available in Microsoft 365 apps. Microsoft wants people to use them and provide their opinion and feedback on social media. All five fonts along with Calibri will be available in Office apps in Microsoft 365 even after selecting the new default font, he noted.