A delegation led by top BJP leader Vinod Mishra met with Police Director General Sanjay Pandey on Monday afternoon, urging him to open a detailed investigation into the Sunrise hospital fire that left nine patients under treatment for Covid-19 in hospital.

A day after the fire, the BMC ordered an investigation into the matter. The investigative team, led by Deputy City Commissioner for Disaster Management Prabhat Rahangdale, had two weeks to submit its report. However, it has been over a month since the fire occurred, and the committee has yet to submit its report. Previously, Rahangdale had told the FPJ that due to the second wave of Covid-19, the panel had requested an extension.

“We pointed out all the shortcomings we found in the process of issuing the professional certificate to the hospital administration, we also urged the police department to immediately launch a special commission of inquiry in this regard,” Mishra said. at the FPJ.

“The BMC has launched an investigation and it has been over a month since the report was presented to us, it seems that the civic administration is not at all serious with the ongoing investigation,” he said. he adds.

Mishra was accompanied by Asish Das, who had lost his 70-year-old father in the incident. Das recalled that on the day of the disaster, her family learned of the incident on television and rushed to the hospital.

“We weren’t even informed of the incident by the BMC, we heard from the TV and rushed to the hospital, after we got there we couldn’t even find the body. because the BMC did not keep any records, ”Das said. FPJ.

“I have urged officials to take the matter seriously as there are several loopholes in the paperwork process and officials should face action.”

“A delegation had come to meet with me on the issue of Sunrise Hospital. Since the matter is the responsibility of the Mumbai police, I forwarded their complaint to the Mumbai police,” Pandey said.