OnePlus has no intention of being left out of the mobile phone race. In 2020, they expanded their line of wireless audio products, and now they’ve said hello until 2021 with a fitness band called the OnePlus Band although it appears to be the Oppo band. I have been using it for about a week.

The OnePlus group looks like a typical smart group. It’s a little disappointing that it doesn’t have a OnePlus signature element and is identical to the Oppo band and even uses the same app. If it weren’t for the tiny OnePlus printed on an edge somewhere, you wouldn’t be able to tell this group apart from the rest. It doesn’t even use the normal OnePlus logo.

It doesn’t matter: it’s slim and compact, using a fairly narrow and pretty pretty silicone strap. You can buy additional bracelets in more colors, but we just checked the black. Fortunately, this is not anything big and will look good on both men and women. I have encountered bands that don’t have enough holes to fit small wrists and also allow the screen to spread out to the sides because they are so big, but it’s quite the opposite .

The band has a 1.1 inch AMOLED display which is really bright and very easy to see. You have to give him a little kick to wake him up. The screen fits into a little plastic cradle for charging and it’s something you can’t afford to lose. This has a small, short cable allowing you to plug it into a USB-C slot. It is above all an unimpressive charging solution. Once charged, the group’s battery is supposed to last 14 days. I haven’t used it that long, but after a week it has dropped to 39%.

Previously, fitness bands were simple and mostly step and calorie counters, but even the smallest and inexpensive ones started to stack features. This strip has a set of strip faces that you can drag to change or choose in the app. You can even use your own photos. Swipe down from the top of the group screen, and you can see the phone’s notifications of the time and even read entire WhatsApp messages – but obviously no response. Swipe your finger up and discover sections like settings and all major features. First, you can see your daily activity stats, then you can check your heart rate and SPO2 level. It roughly matched the Apple Watch I checked with hospital monitors. It’s only a few points here and there. Then you have a set of workouts you can indulge in, including several types of runs and walks, cycling, swimming, yoga, and more. I didn’t find the group always so accurate when tracking metrics during workouts and even found great variation in the step count.

I have found the band useful within a few days of using it. The notifications kept me away from my phone a bit, and as a rough indicator of what was going on with my workout, it wasn’t bad either. I also rather liked seeing my sleep stats because that’s another thing the band does. You can see the results in the app where I found data and information on what I suspected from the start – I sleep very badly indeed. Bad timing, too little sleep, not enough deep sleep, too many alarm clocks: I think I’ve had them all. It’s not something I didn’t know, I was thinking about it, but let’s see if I’ll finally do something about it. Rather improbable.

Price: ₹ 2,499

Advantages: Good screen, thin and narrow, comfortable, waterproof, simple, good sleep tracking, lots of features for the price

The inconvenients: Oppo band name change, inelegant charging cradle, not always accurate with tracking during workouts, battery may drop a little short